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Maths Rockx Program - MathsRockx

Maths Rockx Program


All the Maths Rockx Resources your classroom will ever need!

The is the complete resource package to support you teaching Maths Rockx – Times Tables –> The App that Rockx!

The Counting and Warm-up Program is in both PDF & editable Word form, created in NSW Curriculum staged outcomes. ACARA achievement standards included. The program is for daily warm-ups, and/or lessons for 10 weeks, which can be repeated each term.

The resources included are:

  • 10 week program – with teaching outcomes, content and learning strategies
  • Tips and Ticks doc – an outline of ideas to help you teach the program
  • Pre and Post Maths Rockx Questionnaires – to see how your children really feel about maths and Times tables. Emotions play a huge part in their learning.
  • Times Tables Lyrics in PDF – to print out for the children and for class display
  • Grid worksheets for each Table (10x format) – for identifying patterns and rules
  • Four 12/12 Quiz Achievement Certificates – in Beginner, Medium, Hard and Expert Levels
  • Recording Templates – progress scores and achievement of each Table in pdf & excel
  • A Maths Rockx 2×3=6 banner, the App icon image and the Musical M image
  • SMART DJ posters in Blue and Gold – An acronym that I’ve always used in my teaching. It’s a simple list of behavioural skills that will help created happiness and positivity in their lives

The goal is for your children to be enthusiastic learners, motivated to want to sing their Times Tables and improve their rapid recall skills.

I hope you love these resources and I know they will help you along your Maths Rockx journey with your children. You’re going to have so much FUN and your children will LOVE it!

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There are 2 versions of the App - see below

Maths Rockx - Times Tables!


Free to Download

  • Trial Version
  • Free QUIZ
  • In-App purchases of Times Tables

DOES-NOT support Family Sharing or Family Library of your in-app purchases

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!


$14.99 AUD

  • Pay to download (same price as in-app purchase version)
  • All features
  • Supports Family Sharing & Family Library