Why do I have to Pay?

The reason there is a cost, is that we have to pay the artists and writers of each track fixed royalties every time their song is downloaded.
​We have made each Times Table as cheap as it can possibly be on the Apple Pricing Matrix.

What is the Cost?

Country Individual Tables All Tables/EDU Version
Australia $1.49 $14.99
New Zealand $1.49 $14.99
United Kingdom 99p £9.99
USA 99c $9.99
Canada $1.39 $13.99
If your country is not listed here, please head to your App Store to see pricing.

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School Purchasing?

Can we get site licences and/or discounts on bulk purchases?

We unfortunately are unable to offer site licenses due to the nature of Maths Rockx and the royalty payments made to the writers and artists of each track.

We are unable to offer the 50% discount that Apple has through the VPP (Volume Purchases Program) of purchases of 20+. The reason being, is that our royalty payments are made on the full purchase price of the App. We would lose money in fact, we’re terribly sorry. You pay per device.

​These amazing songs though, are what separates us from every other App on the market and why Maths Rockx works so well.

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