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For Parents - MathsRockx


Teaching your kids at home is certainly not easy! Believe me I know!

Maths Rockx is invaluable for you and your children and they will absolutely love learning their Tables this way.

Help keep your kids motivated, enthusiastic and even excited about Learning.

I’m here to help and it’s time to have some fun! 

Let's Go!

These videos are all around a minute long – quick and bite sized! Watch one or watch them all!

The Playlists

How to set up Playlists?

  • Tap on 'Playlists' on home screen
  • Tap on '+ New Playlist'
  • Enter a playlist name and OK
  • Press the + symbol mext to each track to add to your playlist
  • You can add any tracks as many times as you like
  • Press the back arrow and you're done
  • Add as many Playlists as you like

The Multi-levelled Quiz

Gold Medal!
Silver Medal!
Instant Feedback
Gentle Correction

Nail Each Table

This is super important!!!!

Rock the 4x Tables with me!

Watch my Facebook Live Video

Rock out you guys - finish the choreography.
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Parent's Cheat Sheet

Look for Patterns and Rules

Tables to Print at Home

Free Times Tables Downloads

Free Download

Download my Times Tables Posters PDF for free from my shop!
Click Here

Online Maths Lessons

Fun Maths lessons from our home to yours!

Online Maths Lessons

Fun Maths lessons from our home to yours!

Free Maths Resources for you to use at home

Resources from our Maths Rockx shop to help you and your kids to learn from home.

What is SMART DJ?

SMART DJ is an acronym that I created and have used throughout my career with my students. It’s a simple list of behavioural skills that will help create happiness and positivity in their lives. It’s a wonderful resource and a gentle reminder of goodness.

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There are 2 versions of the App - see below

Maths Rockx - Times Tables!


Free to Download

  • Trial Version
  • Free QUIZ
  • In-App purchases of Times Tables

DOES-NOT support Family Sharing or Family Library of your in-app purchases

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!


$14.99 AUD

  • Pay to download (same price as in-app purchase version)
  • All features
  • Supports Family Sharing & Family Library