mathematics fun

In the Classroom

As a teaching tool, this is invaluable for you and your children. They will absolutely love learning their Tables this way. 

I found that my kids motivation and ability to retain the equations and recall the facts, was simply astounding.

  • has four levels of difficulty, based on time to answer the question to cater for individual needs and differentiation.
  • answers are NOT multiple choice
  • consolidates the children’s rapid recall skills. It’s essential that they practise these skills so recall becomes automatic rather than singing through the song to get to their answer - THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL

 Maths all of a sudden becomes fun and cool. The best part is, your children will know their Tables – they have the answers. So then multiplication, fractions, division, factors, decimals and algebra become about the learning strategies and concepts, rather than trying to calculate the multiplication facts. Maths just Rockx!

Each Table’s Lyrics are also available in PDF for easy download and printing at home or at school.

Get Maths Rockx for your classroom today!