Your children will master their Times Tables with more effectiveness, enthusiasm and efficiency then you can imagine!

They will be learning in such an energetic and motivating way, that they will be asking you if they can do their Tables. Your Maths homework experience together will no longer be a challenge and a drag, it will be a blast!


Each Table has an interactive multi-levelled quiz for your children to test their Times Table knowledge, giving them a score out of 12. The Instrumental track plays along in the background.

Overview Screens

Each table has an instrumental overview. These help the children to re-inforce their Times Tables without the prompt of the singer.

Vocal Screens

his is the Hero of the App​. Each Times Table equation is animated as the children sing the corresponding line. This creates a visual, aural and verbal connection for them.


The multiple playlists allow you to choose which songs you want to play, in which order and how many times. Bluetooth it to the lounge room stereo, plug it into the docking station or rock out in in the car together.


The video showcases Maths Rockx in action!​


The colours are visually striking! They are bright and cheerful and will completely engage your child.

The Sound

The professional quality of the music production and vocals will impress. Your children will feel like they are simply singing new lyrics to really cool songs – rather than actually doing work.