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Most Frequently Asked Questions​

The reason there is a cost, is that we have to pay the artists and writers of each track fixed royalties every time their song is downloaded. ​We have made each Times Table as cheap as it can possibly be on the Apple Pricing Matrix.
Country Individual Tables All Tables/EDU Version
Australia $1.49 $14.99
New Zealand $1.49 $14.99
United Kingdom 99p £9.99
USA 99c $9.99
Canada $1.39 $9.99

Can we get site licences and/or discounts on bulk purchases?

We unfortunately are unable to offer site licenses due to the nature of Maths Rockx and the royalty payments made to the writers and artists of each track.

We are unable to offer the 50% discount that Apple has through the VPP (Volume Purchases Program) of purchases of 20+. The reason being, is that our royalty payments are made on the full purchase price of the App. We would lose money in fact, we’re terribly sorry. You pay per device.

These amazing songs though, are what separates us from every other App on the market and why Maths Rockx works so well.


Can I family share Maths Rockx using Apple devices?

Currently Apple’s position is that they do NOT support family sharing of In-App purchases. If you do want to family share this App, we recommend you get the “Pay upfront EDU” version.

See here for Apple’s position :

If you have purchased the “In-App purchases” version and you want to family share, please try it as it does work in many cases. However, if it does not work, please contact Apple for a refund on the version you have purchased and download our “Pay upfront EDU” version.

Why can’t I hear any singing?

When you access each Times Table, you will see our “instrumentals” page, this is an overview of how the Times Table is to be sung. To access the actual singing version of the Table press the “Sing” button on the bottom of that page

What is the difference between the EDU app and the other Maths Rockx App?

Both Apps are identical in the way they operate. All features in both versions are the same… The 2 main differences are

  1. “The way you pay”. You pay for the EDU App upfront and all tables come unlocked. The non-EDU App is free to download and you can use the quiz and see the video but then you “In-App purchase” to unlock the tables. The price to unlock ALL the tables in the non-EDU version is the same price as the EDU version. It works out slightly more expensive if you purchase the Tables individually.
  2. “Family Sharing”. APPLE does not support In-App purchases through family sharing. While it does actually work in many cases, it does not in others. If you are wanting to family share, then we recommend that you get the EDU version of the App. (If you’re using Android, Google Play are releasing ‘Google Play Family Library’ in July 2016 but that won’t support In-App purchases either).

Can we change the time available to answer the Quiz questions?

You sure can. The Quiz levels can be changed from the dropdown in the header on the Quiz homepage. The levels range from Beginner (no time limit) to Expert ( 2 seconds).

Can I get this on a PC, Mac or Chromebook?

Currently the Maths Rockx App is only suitable for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android phones and tablets.

We will be investigating the possibility of developing for PC, Mac and Chromebook in the future.

Can I add my own songs to the App?

You cannot add your own songs in to the App.

The process of finding/changing songs is an enormous task.

Finding songs that are cool, fit the table, then seek permission from the artists, negotiate royalty contracts with the publishing houses like Sony, Mushroom etc and then record the songs in a studio with professional singers and sound technicians and then have the App developed so the equations animate at just the right moment is such a long, tough process.

We absolutely wish it was easier.

What do the Playlists do?

The “Playlists” feature allows you to create custom Playlists from any of the 11 tracks in the App that you have already purchased. You may setup as many playlists as you like on your device and can have any combination of tracks within each playlist, even add tracks multiple times if you wish.

They are a great tool for your child(ren) to listen to the songs on a loop – depending on what tables they may be learning in class, or what they need to concentrate on. It is also loads of fun to Bluetooth it to the stereo, dance around together or just have it playing in the background like any other album.

How do I create a Playlist?

  1. Press the Playlist button on the home screen
  2. If this is your first playlist you will be taken straight to the Playlist setup process.
  3. f you have already setup a playlist you’ll be taken to the Playlists home screen where you can click the “+ New Playlist” button and you will be taken to the Playlist setup process.

The Playlist setup process

  1. Enter a playlist name and OK
  2. All the songs will appear in the ‘Add Tracks’ pop up (only tracks you have purchased will be unlocked)
  3. Press the ‘+’ symbol next to each track to add it to your playlist
  4. You can have as many tracks as many times as you like in a playlist
  5. Press the back arrow and you’re done!


Do I need internet access to listen to the songs?

You do not require internet access to listen to the Tables or to play the Quiz. You only need internet access to watch the video “Why Maths Rockx” that is in the App.

How do I connect or mirror my mobile device to my PC so I can play it on the smart board?


  • Apple TV – This is awesome, if your school has it
  • ou can use a ‘Lightning to VGA’ adapter. This plugs into your device and then into the cord that attaches to your PC! You can get them from Apple or officeworks and/or online, they are $70 though! You need external speakers as well, Bluetooth or plug in.

Both Apple and Android:

  • There are several mirroring software’s available for you to mirror your mobile device to your PC. It depends on your individual preference or experiences. For eg, mirroring360, Reflector 2 and Air Server.

Android (using Teamviewer):

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There are 2 versions of the App - see below

Maths Rockx - Times Tables!


Free to Download

  • Trial Version
  • Free QUIZ
  • In-App purchases of Times Tables

DOES-NOT support Family Sharing or Family Library of your in-app purchases

Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!


$14.99 AUD

  • Pay to download (same price as in-app purchase version)
  • All features
  • Supports Family Sharing & Family Library