This is the That everyone wants!

Your children will learn their Times Tables by singing them to some of the coolest tracks, from some of the world’s best Artists. We have songs from P!NK, 1D, Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams to name a few. There’s simply Magic in the Music! Your children will THANK you, it’s just so much fun!

What's in the App?


11 Awesome Classic Hit Songs


11 Multi Levelled Quizzes – Beginner to Expert


A Fantastic Playlist Feature



Children learn best through music; rhythm and beat, melody and sound. The music creates memory triggers for the lyrics. When you combine these with the visual cues, recalling the Times Tables will become an automatic response. Repetition is key. The Quizzes consolidate the learning process.


Each Table fits perfectly to the lyrics of the original songs. There are 8 previous #1 hits and 3 in the top 5. The songs are modern day classics that your children will fall in love with because they’re super fun and of course they are awesome! The songs Rock!


This learning experience is different, addictive and so easy! Your kids want cool, they want groovy and they WANT to have fun! Sing alone, sing with friends or sing with your family. Beware – you will start singing along as well!

Why Maths Rockx?

Each Table’s Lyrics are also available in PDF for  easy download and printing at home or at school.


​I was a primary school teacher for 15 years. During my career I was finding more often than not, children didn’t know their Times Tables any more – a fundamental skill was slipping through the cracks. 

So, I would teach my kids their Tables to funky beats and eventually started singing them to rock songs. It always worked, really, REALLY well. The results were consistent, the children knew their table facts quickly and had a blast in the process. 

In our technology based society, the App platform is the perfect way for all children, educators and parents to have access to a teaching strategy that works – and it’s so much fun! 

When you see your children finally get it – that’s the best part. 

My passion for this project is enormous. Every child needs this skill and Maths Rockx is the perfect teacher.

Jo Otto



“Absolutely the best times table app. Amazing catchy songs, quiz with all different levels to test yourself. I LOVE this App! Never get sick of it, love singing along with my kids. 100% guaranteed!”

CHAD via Google Play